The Path to Remembrance

A Calling Back Home to the Essence of Your Soul, Who You Are and Called to be in This Lifetime

Shamanic Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing modality originally founded in Japan. As a shamanic reiki practitioner I was trained with a master reiki instructor that infuses shamanic energy tools within the reiki practice. During a session, traditional reiki modalities are implemented as well as incorporating, sacred smoke for cleansing and clearing heavy and dense energies, feathers, and Hape before a session to help my clients relax into a meditative state in preparation for the reiki they will be receiving. 


An entheogenic medicine native to the Phyllomedusa or giant leaf frog from the Amazon jungle in Peru & Brazil. This sacred medicine has been used for thousands of years, also known as "nature's vaccine". This incredibly powerful, yet potent medicine is used as a tool to help release blockages on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

  Kambo is one of the only substances in the world that can penetrate the blood brain barrier. Furthermore, Kambo has won 2 Noble Peace Prizes for the incredible amount of health benefits one can receive from sitting with this medicine. 

Life Purpose Coaching

As a professional life purpose coach, with Dharma Institute under Sahara Rose, my purpose is to be a guiding light for others to embark on their journey of remembering and rediscovering  their dharma and life purpose.

We all have a calling that's unique to each one of us. Why, wait, to live a purposeful life that sets your soul free on a personal journey towards purpose and freedom? Create a life that you love waking up to every day and that you feel extremely passionate about how you are contributing to the world you live in.

My intention is to provide a safe and nurturing space where you can embrace vulnerability, confront limiting beliefs, and unlock the boundless potential within you. Through personalized guidance and compassionate support, I am here to be a guiding light to aid you in navigating life's labyrinth, revealing the unique tapestry of your soul's purpose. I am here to empower you to take charge of your life and overcome obstacles and align your life with authenticity. Together, we will create a roadmap that leads to genuine happiness, as you step into a life driven by passion and meaning.

About Me

My journey began with a profound transformation in 2019 when I was facing personal struggles. It was during a pivotal moment that I experienced the miraculous impact of holistic healing modalities in my own life. These alternative & natural healing practices left an incredible mark, empowering me to transcend challenges & embrace a newfound sense of balance & harmony.

With years of experience & unwavering dedication to understanding the human spirit, I have been humbled to witness countless lives blossom under the nurturing embrace of self-awareness & purposeful choices.

My purpose is to share the gifts of holistic practices with others in need, as I have personally witnessed the metamorphic impact they can have. Whether it's embracing your purpose amidst the chaos, embarking on a journey of profound healing, or empowering the soul to soar to new heights, my commitment lies in guiding you towards the transformative realization of your inner potential.


Rediscovering Ancient Wisdom for Holistic Healing

Embark on a transformative voyage with Coming Back Home, an immersive podcast that bridges the timeless wisdom of the ancients and the modern insights of the West, all converging to illuminate the realm of alternative medicines and healing modalities.

Embark on a Holistic Odyssey - Listen Now!

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At Coming Back Home, we're dedicated to aiding local tribes and communities. A portion of each purchase directly aids the Amazon region. Medicine tools & sacred art coming soon!


As the world is going through a global transformation, healing is needed now more than ever. Coming Back Home is dedicated to guiding individuals on their transformative journey towards holistic healing & self-discovery. Through an empowering podcast and comprehensive range of services and products, Coming Back Home brings awareness to alternative methods for healing, with a strong focus on the profound integration of plant medicine.

The podcast serves as a beacon of knowledge, shedding light on the untapped potential of alternative healing modalities. I passionately share insights, personal experiences, and expert interviews to help the audience understand the immense power of plant medicine in rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit.

As a seasoned energy practitioner, I offer a unique array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of my clients. From Kambo, a sacred cleansing ritual rooted in ancient wisdom, to Reiki, a gentle yet potent energy healing practice, & life purpose coaching, which empowers individuals to harness their inner potential--our holistic approach paves the way for profound transformation and lasting well-being.

In addition, to the exceptional services, our business proudly curates a thoughtfully crafted selection of natural products designed to nurture personal wellness. By promoting and encouraging reciprocity and the use of natural, organic and wholesome products, I seek to empower individuals in their pursuit of optimal health, self-care, and inner harmony.

At Coming Back Home, I believe that healing is a journey, and each step taken towards embracing alternative modalities and natural remedies brings us closer to rediscovering our true selves.

With unwavering commitment and passion, I strive to be catalysts for positive change in the lives of my clients, the wider community and the world. It takes a tribe! Together, we can embrace all of the possibilities that arise when we open ourselves to the magic of alternative healing and the wisdom of ancient practices that have been passed down for thousands of years.

Show your support to the show by visiting our shop. All of our products are hand-made, organic, & created with love in communities located within the Amazon, Tibetan, and Himalayan regions. I hold reciprocity close to our heart. A portion of all proceeds will go directly back to these communities. My mission is to directly support the wisdom of healing these communities have passed down.

Discovery Call

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation? The number of empowering services, including life purpose coaching, Reiki & Kambo, await to unlock the boundless potential within you.

Picture a life with purpose, joy, and authenticity. Imagine basking in the glow of healing energies that harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Envision breaking free from the chains of doubt and fear to embracing a newfound sense of empowerment.

The power is in your hands. We all have a choice. You have the power to embrace your path, igniting the purpose of your passions and guide you towards your true calling. Whether you seek clarity in life's direction, inner peace, or physical and emotional healing, we are here to support you on this profound quest.

By booking a 30 minute discovery call, you are taking the necessary steps towards awakening your true potential. Embrace the opportunity to empower yourself and a life that radiates with purpose and healing. Book your discovery call today, together we can embrace this transformational journey. Your journey of self-discovery and empowerment begins here.

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